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Show Me The Awesome

Self-promotion! It often feels like we’re caught between a rock & a hard place with this one — you want to share your accomplishments & celebrate successes, but you don’t want to be a braggart.

Liz Burns, Kelly Jensen & I believe it’s time for the library community to own its collective awesomeness, so we’re co-hosting Show Me The Awesome: 30 Days of Self-Promotion.

Show Me The Awesome, or #30awesome as we’re calling it on Twitter & Tumblr, is all about putting your best foot forward to share with your colleagues in all kinds of libraries what you’re doing well for your community, what you wish people outside librarianship knew about your work, what you hope to bring to the field in the next 5, 10, or 20 years.

Sound good? We sure hope so!

We’re still accepting participants, so if you’re interested, please fill out this handy form and we’ll contact you!

Check back here throughout May, 2013 for links to all the posts. Got questions? Shoot me an ask.


Show Me The Awesome: Reporting, by Rachel Keeler

Exhibiting Awesome Outreach, by Dawn Stahura

Show Me The Awesome Part 1: How I Grew Storytime Attendance by 61%, by Katie Salo

Show Me The Awesome: New Kid on the Blog, by Marcus Ladd of Miami University’s Special Collections

Trying to Find the Awesome in Me, by Amy/rockinlibrarian

Serving Teen Parents — It’s Awesome, by Wendy Stephens

Sunny Days, by Steve Thomas

My Gap Year(s), by Tibby Wroten

Show Me The Awesome, Part 2: Preschoolers Are Creatures of Habit, by Katie Salo

Show Me The Awesome, Part 1 & Part 2, by Jenna Lawrence

Show Me The Awesome, You Schools!, by Marge Loch-Wouters

…And Other Duties As Assigned, by Anna Grace Mickelson

Staying Awesome On Hiatus, by Beth Saxton

Show Me The Awesome — On The Radio, Part 1, Part 2 (TK) & Part 3 (TK), by Charlie Bennett

Talented Table View Library, by Justine Shaffner

Show Me The Awesome: 5 Tips for Program Promotion, by Abby Morrow

I Did a Research Project & It Was Good, by Shannon Marie Robinson

Immersive Play in the 21st Century Library, by Matt Finch

Show Me The Awesome, Part 3: Change is Good, Keep It Fresh, by Katie Salo

Get Your Awesome On, by Erin Prentiss

Stop Calling It Self-Promotion!, by Angie Manfredi

Beer & Books Talk for Central Oregon Book Week, by Mark Lindner

Guest Post: Leigh Woznick Shows The Awesome, by Leigh Woznick (guest post at A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy)

Talented Table View Library, by Justine Shaffner

Unexpected Outcomes, by Teri Lesesne

Using My Platform Positively, by Kelly Jensen

Difficult Patrons in Your Library, by Angela Frederick

Show Me The Awesome: Story Walk, by Angela Reynolds

Show Me The Awesome: Finding My Voice, by Anne Clark

Children’s Librarians Can Do Anything, by Betsy Bird

Iron Fist, Part 3, by Sara Bryce & Brooke Rausch

Dynamic Connections, by Dianne McKenzie

Librarians as Catalyst in a STEM/History Collaborative Project, by Courtney Lewis

Advocate or Vacate, by Samantha McManus